1.     This event will be presented by Event California  at  the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA on Saturday & Sunday, November 19 & 20, 2016.

2.    Jingle Fest is a juried show. Absolutely no import items,  mass manufactured, and goods not made by the Exhibitor will be allowed to be sold.  Any borderline products must be cleared  in advance with the Promoter in writing.  We reserve the right to remove any exhibitor from any festival if the management determines that they have not represented themselves correctly by conforming to the rules and regulations of this contract.   Any exhibitor who is asked to leave an event because of misrepresentation in their original application/contract will forfeit their table fees.

3.    Table locations will be assigned at Event California's discretion. A priority will be given to past vendors who wish the same table location as in previous shows.  Locations will be determined by Event California based on our desire to keep vendors with similiar merchandise from being too close to each other, past table locations,  what we know of the quality of your work,  what we know of the quality of your display and the prompt payment of table fees.   Event California will assign the best available space.

4.    Insurance, if desired by the Exhibitor (i.e. you), must be obtained by him at his own cost and expense.  Event California and Napredak Hall assume no risk,   and by the acceptance of this agreement the Exhibitor and all associates expressly releases Event California and Napredak Hall from any and all liability for any damage, injury or loss to any person or goods which may arise from the rental and occupation of said space by the Exhibitor and agrees to hold and save Event California and Napredak Hall harmless of any loss or damage by reason thereof.

The exhibitor agrees to obtain at its own expense , any licenses or permits which are required, including without limitation, from government bodies, trade or industry associations, and any other third parties, for the operation of its trade or business during the show and to pay all taxes that may be levied against it a result of the operation of its trade or business in their space allocated.

5.    Event California will not be liable for refunds or any other liabilities whatsoever for the failure to fulfill this contract due to reasons of the enclosure in which the show is to produced,  being before or during the show, destroyed by fire or other natural calamity, or by an act of God, public enemy, strikes, statutes, ordinances or legal authority or any other cause beyond Event California's control. Event California or the promoter's estate will not be liable for any refunds or damages;   due to death or incapacitation of any of its key personnel due to accident or illness in advance or during the above festival dates, resulting in the festival to be cancelled.

6.    All pertinent fire codes, laws ordinances and regulations pertaining to health, fire prevention and public safety shall be strictly obeyed.  Nothing shall be nailed, stapled, taped or otherwise fixed to walls, floors or any part of the exhibition hall.   All necessary measures for protection of the building equipment and furniture shall be at the expense of the Exhibitor.  All food and beverage sales will be done through a contracted vendor subject to a separate license agreement.

7.    Event California  will prohibit the installation and operation of any exhibits not meeting their approval.  The Promoter in his sole discretion may  prohibit the conduct of  any activity whatsoever  which he  deems deleterious and not in the best interest of the event. 

8.     No portion of the Exhibitor's display may extend into the aisles or passageways.

9.    This  contract constitutes the entire contract between the parties and no waiver, modifications or amendments  shall be valid unless written upon, or attached hereto, and shall be approved in writing by Event California.

10. Photos taken on premises may be used for promotional Event California material.

11.  Cancellation Policy
This is a firm policy. There are no exceptions to the rule. If you need to cancel please do not ask for credit or refunds.  If you must cancel  an event you must call or write us immediately in order to protect your future status in booking events with our production company.
Table Cancellation Policy: There will be NO REFUNDS for any reason.  Table fees are not interchangeable between future festivals.